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INTELLECTUAL OUTPUT 2. Curriculum for postgraduate training for the technologist-analyst in the field of sports science profile


This output aims at developing a set of pedagogic contents and materials for postgraduate training, initially of 30 ECTS credits, of technologist-analyst in the field of sports science.


In this intellectual output, the Syllabus of the technologist-analyst in the field of sports science course was presented in each of the languages ​​of the project. In addition, access to the Virtual Campus and the training package of the pilot course developed based on the syllabus are presented. Finally, the report with the presentation and evaluation of the pilot course is also provided.

Potential users

High Education, professors, Sports Clubs and Academies.

Potential use

The main output of this section is the Syllabus of the technologist-analyst in the field of sports science course. It is a complete syllabus that includes all the structure, modules, timing and evaluation activities necessary for any High Education Entity to implement a postgraduate degree of 30 ECTS. It is a backbone that allows each university or High Education Entity to adapt planning to the requirements and regulations of their postgraduate schools.

In addition, the very structure and proposal of interrelated content of the syllabus can be used by teachers to adapt their subjects and include elements of digital transformation.

This training proposal has been launched through a pilot course to evaluate the weights and characteristics of the evaluation. For this course, materials have been developed to cover all the content requirements of the course, thus creating a training package proposal that serves as a reference and example to implement the syllabus.