Digi Sporting
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INTELLECTUAL OUTPUT 4. Quality Seal for recognizing digital transformation on sports organizations


Develop and implement a Standard (a quality label) in order to recognize sport organizations that are actively working to adopt the new technologies in their daily management and operation and that, therefore, take advantage of their full potential for an effective digital transformation.


The first output is a method that integrates four thresholds with four different levels of a Quality Seal for recognizing digital transformation on sports organizations. Therefore, this intellectual output is integrated in the self-assessment tool of the IO3.

The second output and main result of this part of the project is Manual of the Digital Transformation Standard. It is a handbook that integrates the correct use and tutorial of the self-assessment tool and the method and usefulness of the quality seal.

Potential users

Sports Clubs and Academies, policy makers

Potential use

The main use of this intellectual output is the possibility for clubs to qualitatively qualify their digitization process and, above all, to show it to raise awareness of the importance of digital transformation in sport.

In addition, it will allow policy makers to have an instrument that can provide a standard or reference to catalog and qualify sports clubs in order to develop strategic plans. The Manual of the Digital Transformation Standard shows all the methodology and information about the calculation behind the seal of quality, being able to give it transparency and reproducibility.