Digi Sporting



  02/07/2020 10:00

The Digi-Sporting project has just completed the first of its phases with very interesting results and, above all, a vast amount of useful information for sports clubs and other sports entities. Phase 1 has been characterized by two important tasks:

1. Reviewing the state of the art on technologies and digitization in sports clubs and entities. The project’s expert group identified 5 different technological areas. For each of them, a review has been developed to determine the characteristics, scientific support and real usefulness they have for sports clubs and entities.

2. Developing a field study. Based on the 5 technological areas and 5 digital skills areas associated with them, a survey has been conducted with more than 400 specialists in sports clubs and academies. The results have allowed determining the degree of use of each technological area, its degree of importance and the needs for improvement.

All this has been captured in a comprehensive book published in open access, where all the information is presented in detail. In addition, a shortened version has been published translated into the 6 different languages of the project: English, Spanish, German, Greek, Italian and Portuguese.

The consortium of entities that make up the project is already working on its Phase 2, which aims to design a continuous training curriculum for the use of new technologies in clubs, and to develop a pilot course.


Digi Sporting

Digi-Sporting. A new step towards digital transformation through sports science