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  03/09/2021 12:00

IO2, Curriculum for postgraduate training for the technologist-analyst in the area of Sport Sciences profile has been satisfactorily completed in May 2021.  

This is one of the key deliverables of this project. It will be materialized through a proposed curriculum in 6 languages so that any entity can develop courses of technology-analyst in sport. 

The aims of this course are: 

  • Train technologist-analyst for the effective application of new technologies in exercise, sports, and physical education context. 
  • Provide the necessary knowledge to select and integrate technologies for optimization in exercise, sports, and physical education contexts. 
  • Show good practical application examples of digital transformation technology in exercise, sports, and physical education contexts. 

A pilot course was developed from February to May. Fifty volunteers with different backgrounds participated. After the pilot test, the course structure was validated with eight modules:  

  • PART 0. Introduction. The importance of digitalization and the specific role of the technologist-analyst in sport
  • PART 1. Technologies for club or entity or entity management 
  • PART 2. Technologies for physical evaluation, physical tests, injury prevention, health, and medical technologies 
  • PART 3. Electronic Performance and Tracking Systems (EPTS) 
  • PART 4. Technologies for data storage, data analysis, and visualization 
  • PART 5. Technologies for retransmission and digital media 
  • PART 6. Innovation and digitalization in sports clubs and academies 
  • PART 7. Final work 

The consortium of entities that formed the project are already working on its Phase 3, which aims to design a self-assessment tool to allow clubs to evaluate the implementation of new technologies independently. 


Digi Sporting

Digi-Sporting. A new step towards digital transformation through sports science