Digi Sporting
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INTELLECTUAL OUTPUT 3. Self-diagnostic interactive tool to define sports organizations specifics needs an guide on potential tools for covering these shortcomings


Design and development of a self-diagnosis ICT tool addressed to sports academies, clubs and other sports organizations that will provide them, once they have answered a tailored-made questionnaire, with information about their specific situation and needs in terms of application of new technologies and equipments to their daily management and regarding the coverage, by their professionals, of the technology skills demanded in the labour market.


This intellectual output is an interactive resource. Therefore, the main output is a webpage with the interactive self-diagnosis tool for sport clubs and academies, in other to evaluate their digital development. The self-assesment tool include the questionnarie in the 6 languages of the project.

Furthermore, a little manual is also included in order to facilitate the fulfill of the questionnarie.

Potential users

Sports Clubs and Academies, policy makers

Potential use

The main use of this intellectual output is to provide sports clubs and academies with the possibility of evaluating, in detail, their digitization process in the 5 dimensions or technological areas of the Digi-Sporting project. In addition, due to the methodology of the questionnaire, each of the items of the 5 dimensions has 5 possible scenarios, so the club will be able to know its room for improvement and the steps necessary to improve its digitization process.

Thanks to the results of this questionnaire and in an integrated way with the results of the IO1 and IO2 of the project, the club will be able to know the starting point and carry out the internal and external analysis necessary for its strategic digital transformation plan.

Secondarily, this tool can be applied by policy makers in the development of sectoral studies or as a point of reference to develop digital development policies in the sports sector.