Digi Sporting
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INTELLECTUAL OUTPUT 1. Analysis on the state-of-the-art. Guidelines on the application of new technologies, professional profiles and needs for the digital transformation of sports organizations


The purpose of this intellectual output is to address the state of the art in this specific subject to set out the different tasks and methodology aimed at facilitating the proper design of a complete training itinerary for digital training of sports professionals, enabling them to follow a training itinerary to improve their employability in the current sports system.


This Intellectual Output includes a guide where the digital transformation is structured in 5 technological areas, developing a study of the state of the art of each one. This study shows its possible uses and levels of implementation.

The guide also includes a field study carried out in the partner countries of the project. This study shows the importance and current use of each area of technology, being able to know the development gap. In addition, the importance for the different roles within the sports club is shown and the gap between the development and need for digital skills is also analyzed.

This section presents a complete guide as well as a brief in each of the languages of the project.

Potential users

Sport Clubs and Academies, researchers.

Potential use

This guide proposes a classification of technologies that can allow clubs and academies to develop a sectorized digital transformation plan. That is, divide your strategic plan for digital transformation into different sections that can incorporate different strategies and intensities of development. Each area responds to different objectives and different users within the club.

In addition, within each of the technological areas, the state of the art is shown where the basic, developed notions of the technological tools to be implemented, their levels of implementation and their potential use in the world of sport are given.

Finally, the guide also shows the results of the field study showing the development gap in each of the technology areas, the importance of each technology for each position within the club, as well as the gap in the development of digital skills . This is very useful as a starting point to develop a digital transformation plan in clubs and academies, as well as for researchers when considering new technological developments and implementing new technologies.