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We started the pilot course 

  11/01/2021 11:00

Third transnational project meeting.  

We started the pilot course! 

The third Digi-Sporting meeting was held virtually due to the situation produced by COVID-19. A total of 13 representatives of the consortium attended. 

This meeting was focused on course planning for the second intellectual output: «Curriculum for postgraduate training for the technologist-analyst in the field of Sport Sciences Profile» 

The curriculum has already been revised and finalized. From now on, it will be translated into 6 languages, so that any other higher education institution can apply the contents.  

For the development of the pilot course, each partner will develop part of the contents associated with its area of specialization. In addition, guest lecturers will be invited to improve the quality of the content. 

The course will be developed between February and May 2021.


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